About Us

The longest running queer performance venue in Denmark

Founded in 2007, Warehouse9 is the longest running queer performance venue in Denmark and the regions leading destination for developing and encountering queer voices in live art. In its 13-year history Warehouse9 has welcomed over 80.000 people, premiered over 200 performances/installations and supported over 700 artists and over 30 socially engaged community initiatives.

Warehouse9 (est. 2007) is an artist-led queer performance venue in Copenhagen. We are a venue for radical and innovative arts practices and ideas by artists, art workers and activists with a passion for matters relating to identity politics, sexual expression and body representations. 

Warehouse9 believes in performance as a means to challenge mainstream conventions and initiate social change. We champion unclassifiable artforms and underrepresented artists and art workers. Warehouse9 facilitates spaces where artists, audiences and activists can meet to reflect on, question, and re-imagine structural norms, and celebrate being together as a queer community. 

We are  a venue committed to performance and art workers of the future. We work collaboratively and cross-disciplinary to challenge the status quo, to instigate dialogue, to advocate for the independent arts sector and to write queer art into a broader art historical context.

Warehouse9 curates a year round arts programme and facilitates community programmes with initiatives led by the local queer communities. Warehouse9 also curates and produces the international performance art festival IPAF (est. 2008).