IPAF is an international festival for contemporary performance presenting artists from different cultural contexts whose work engages identity politics, sexual expressions and body representations. The festival takes place in Copenhagen and aims to create an annual gathering for local and international queer performance, discussion and activism. IPAF is based on the belief that performance can provide different perspectives and ways to understand reality, collective imagining and advocating for better and more just futures.

The festival embraces live art, choreographic work, music, performance installations, residencies, research, conversations, parties and activism. The festival supports art that takes risk, disrupts, reclaims and rethinks preconceived norms. IPAF aims to create a space for coexistence where new encounters in artistic expression are experienced, thoughts shared and critical thinking and compassion are celebrated.

The festival has been a constant in Warehouse9’s programming since its inception in 2008. Since 2016 the festival has taken place on an annual basis, except for in 2020 where it was cancelled due to COVID-19. The festival dates for 2021 have yet to be confirmed. 

Visit the festivals website by clicking here.