Nordic Network for Normcritical Leadership

A network involving individuals and institutions joining forces to enable professional and cross-disciplinary discussions on norm critical leadership and practice within the field of art and culture and to share best practices on how to develop the field concerning inclusion, diversity, and equality. The aim with the network is to generate new knowledge and new […]


IRIS was a Nordic-Baltic short term network consisting of four art organisations and four artists. It aimed to strengthen complementarities between artists, festivals, institutions and audiences. The network went through a series of meetings throughout 2018 to get to know each other and the different contexts in which they work in order to propose a […]

Nordic & Baltic Queer Art Network

Nordic & Baltic Queer Art Network was a network for artists and arts organisations who work with queer, feminist and gender political art in the Nordic-Baltic region. The network was established in 2012, in order to create a queer art context and platform in the region to connect, share and exchange practices.  The network was […]

PS2 – The People’s Smart Sculpture

The People’s Smart Sculpture – was a creative research and innovation project about the cultural evolution of the European city of the future. It addressed the growing complexity of life in today’s city spaces and imminent challenges to the development of the urban environment. The People’s Smart Sculpture PS2 explored the possibilities of participation as […]