OPEN CALL – Autumn Labs

Call for unique workshop proposals from LGBTQIA+ artists in the Nordic region. 


Oct 07 2021

Deadline for applications: 7th October at 12:00 (noon) Danish time (GMT+2) 

Warehouse9 is delighted to announce a new opportunity for Nordic-based LGBTQIA+ artists working in live art and interdisciplinary performance to propose and deliver a unique research-based workshop for/with up to 5 participating artists. 

We understand that the development of work can take many forms and look different artist to artist. This is a rare opportunity for artists to conceive, try out and explore new and unusual ideas. We want to hear from you if have an idea for a project proposal that you would like to explore in the form of a workshop together with other artists.  We are looking for projects that offers something different and is grounded in unconventional approaches, forms and concepts. 

The workshop can be about anything, take any form and be based anywhere in Copenhagen. Your imagination sets the limits. See the FAQ section for more clarity. 

In the light of COVID-19, we ask that you consider: what might professional development by artists, for artists look like in 2021? How might you include the professional development of other artists in the development of your own professional development and project idea? How might your proposal integrate care, compassion and access for all participants?


The selected workshops will take place as part of Warehouse9’s autumn 2021 programme. We therefore ask that you only apply if you are available to deliver a workshop between the dates 22nd – 28th November 2021. 

Your workshop should be 2-3 days long and be able to accommodate up to 5 participating artists.


  • 2 proposals will be selected 
  • Each selected proposal will receive 15.000 DKK fixed fee for the preparation, delivery and evaluation of the workshop  
  • Each selected proposal can receive up to 5000 DKK in material and expenses in order to realise the workshop. Costs to be agreed with Warehouse9.  
  • This opportunity is aimed at LGBTQIA+ artists based in the Nordic region. Danish-based artists will only be selected if their proposal is in collaboration with a Nordic-based artist living outside of Denmark. We therefore ask that you do not apply if you are an individual applying who is based in Denmark. 
  • Travel and accommodation will be supported for a maximum of 5 nights in Copenhagen.  
  • We will do our utmost to support access needs.

 All applicants should be outside of education and training and have delivered at least one documented project for a public audience. The minimum age requirement is 18 years old. 

We particularly welcome applicants from BIPoC, migrants and/or neuro or physically diverse communities, as they are under-represented within the Danish performance landscape. 



Please fill in and submit the online application form, including a PDF copy of your portfolio or CV to go with your application. Please note, you are unable to save the online application form .  

Application form link: 

Alternatively, you can record your application as a 3-min video description and email with the subject line “Autumn Labs”. 

If you’ve got any questions, want more information or have any access requirements regarding submitting a proposal, please email 

You can also read the FAQ’s for more information.


Deadline for applications: 7th October at 12:00 (noon) Danish time (GMT+2) 

All applicants will be contacted with final decisions and feedback by 14th October 2021. 

If you are selected, expect to make room in the week starting the 18th October 2021 to prep your proposal for a call for participation.  

About Warehouse9 

Warehouse9 (est. 2007) is a queer-led performance organisation in Copenhagen. We are a organisation for radical and innovative arts practices and ideas by artists, art workers and activists with a passion for matters relating to identity politics, sexual expression and body representations.  

Warehouse9 believes in performance as a means to challenge mainstream conventions and initiate social change. We champion unclassifiable artforms and underrepresented artists and art workers. Warehouse9 facilitates spaces where artists, audiences and activists can meet to reflect on, question, and re-imagine structural norms, and celebrate being together as a queer community.  

We are a venue committed to performance and art workers of the future. We work collaboratively and cross-disciplinary to challenge the status quo, to instigate dialogue, to advocate for the independent arts sector and to write queer art into a broader art historical context. 

Warehouse9 curates a year round arts programme and facilitates community programmes with initiatives led by the local queer communities. Warehouse9 also curates and produces the international performance art festival IPAF (est. 2008).   


How much does a project receive and how many projects will be selected?
2 proposals will be selected to realise their project. Each project will receive 15.000 DKK fixed fee, including materials and expenses budget up to 5000 DKK. The selected projects will together with Warehouse9 work on the budgets and assist on the planning of the workshop. 

What about costs for the participating artists?
On principle all workshops should be free to attend. Lead artists are encouraged to think about the needs and expenses of their participants when drawing up the workshop proposal. For example, if you are intending to deliver your workshop in a forest. How will the participants get there? Do participants need special access support? What about sustenance during the workshop? Etc,.

Who can propose a project? 
We welcome applications from LGBTQIA+ artists based in the Nordic region which have a live art and/or interdisciplinary performance practice. Applications from individual artists or duos are welcomed. Danish-based artists can only apply if they are applying together with an artist based and living in another Nordic country.

Due to the set fee of 15.000DKK per project, we are limiting applications to individuals or duos.

What sort of project can I propose?
We are looking for workshop proposals that might seem unusual, but that feed into the artists practice and professional development. If you have an idea you would like to explore, together with other artists, this is the perfect opportunity. We are not looking for a workshop from your repertoire or a conventional workshop in the style of a masterclass. Do not think of this as a production orientated workshop, but an idea and research driven opportunity. We expect you to gain as much from the workshop as the artists participating.

For example, Sila is interested in the phases of the moon and how it relates to gender. Sila therefore proposes a 2-day camping trip in the forest, where activities are designed around the moon’s movement in the sky, and as part of this Sila also invites a specialist in the moons mythology to share their knowledge on stories about the moon. In putting together this proposal Sila will have to integrate practical considerations into their workshop planning and activities, such as food, travel and sleep.  

If selected, Warehouse9 will assist with the practical planning of the workshop. 

Who can participate in the project?
This is meant as professional development for artists by artists. We ask that you make space in your proposal for up to 5 participating participants. As part of your proposal, we expect you to detail the kinds of artists who will participate and how you wish the call for participation takes place. 

For example: your workshop might be aimed at fellow QTBIPOC artists, or at artists 50+, or you might be open to all artists participating. 

When does the workshop have to take place? 
The workshops will take place as part of Warehouse9’s autumn programme. We therefore ask that you only apply if you are available to deliver a workshop between the dates 22
nd – 28th November 2021. 

We can accommodate up to 5 nights in Copenhagen, which would allow for prep days, workshop days and an evaluation day. 

Your workshop should be 2-3 days long and be able to accommodate up to 5 participating artists. 

Where does the workshop have to take place?
It is useful to think about what kind of place your workshop will need when you apply. Will you need a rehearsal space, a forest, an amusement park, a gym, a library, a telephone line, an online space. 

We will in all cases try and match the selected proposals as close to their wished location as possible, but we ask that you remain open to a dialogue on place, as we might be limited by practical constrains.   

Does my workshop have to take place in Copenhagen? 
The short answer is no. We are also open to proposals that use technology as a mediator of workshops. We ask though, that you think creatively on how these workshops are delivered and works towards supporting the participants. Could you imagine a workshop over the telephone, by postal correspondence, by Emails. Think beyond Zoom!

What happens if my proposal is accepted?
After the selection process, successful applicants will be invited to discuss their proposal with the core team at Warehouse9 in order to develop and shape the realised version of the workshop. This includes a short time for the artists to develop an image and text for a participant callout. Warehouse9 is available to assist with this and will be responsible for finding the workshop participants. 

What support will I receive from Warehouse9?
We will work closely with you throughout the process and assist when and where possible.
We will also asign an assistant producer to your project to be your main contact person and help realise the project from start to finish.  

For access needs, we will support your needs to the best of our ability. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions related to access.  

How do artists report back on their workshop? 
The lead artist/s is required to submit documentation of their experience. This involves answering a series questions, accompanied by documentation. We encourage photo, video documentation, drawings, participant feedback and more. 

We will distribute more information regarding the documentation after projects have been selected.

Parts of the documentation is intended for public view.

Are you able to support access needs?
Yes, we will do our best to support access needs. Please detail your needs when applying and if you have any questions related to access feel free to contact us directly.

For any other questions please contact